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Lighting descision time PCR vs T5HO


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Ive been looking into upgrading the lights in my 29 Biocube and have narrowed it down to two options. MH and LEDs are out due to heat and cost issues and I do need to keep the stock hood due to the fact that my cat loves fish and swimming and swimming for fish.


Option #1


Upgrade the stock bulbs to UVL PC-Rs as well as installing a retro kit to add 1 or 2 more bulbs to the setup


light output

3 x 36w or 4 x 36w UVL PCR


Option #2

3 x 24w T5-HO Barebones Retro - 18"


They told me this will fit into the stock hood


I need some opinions on these two options


Anyone has the PCRs in their setup? How much better is it than standard PC for the biocube?


Will either of these allow me to expand my coral keeping choices to more than just softies and shrooms?

I'm thinking SPS, LPS, Nems and Clams


Thanks in advance

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