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Tank suggestions for a beginner?


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Hi noob


Get what you want, you're opinion is what matters first.


The hobby is pretty simple if you read up and follow the basic rules. Diligance is what's hard about the hobby.

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A 20 gallon long.


+1. I think it has great dimensions and is not too small or too big to be intimidating. That's if you want a standard size. I'm sure one of the all in one's like nano/biocubes will serve you well too.

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While I'm personally moving away from all-in-ones, I still think they are awesome and very simple for a beginner who doesn't want to worry about plumbing etc. The 12 CAD cube is nicely priced and much better build quality than it's competitors IMO.

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its all really dependent on what your goals are, thats what you should define first, then start looking at things that fit the bill, do your research, i cant stress enough read read read!!! think about what kind of coral you want to keep in the long run, that will help you decide on the type of tank and equipment you will buy to cater towards what you want in there. i started with a 16gal bowfront not too long ago and am realizing now that i should have drilled it and set up a sump so i am upgrading to a 18x18x25 (i think its 25gallons high) and i am going to do what i should have done....mind you i started cycling my bowfront just this past december. I think the main thing is decided what you want semi-long term and then start building it, its all about getting to a point where you can settle down and let the reef grow into itself, the more you mess around with the scape, placement, and equipment, the slower the corals will grow

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id go with either a 20 long or a 40 breeder, both have great dimensions and people usually end up with a 40br so might as well start there and when petco has their dollar per gallon sale again theyre really cheap

im not too into all in ones but thats more personal preference, i like putting stuff together

and it gives you a lot more freedom in terms of what you want to use, even though you can do that with aio's but you need more patience and more diy skills

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Just my 2 cents. If I could go back 2 years, I would have bought a 20/22 gallon size tank rather than my CAD 12. A 10/12 fills up so fast with livestock/coral that you will be wishing you bought the next size larger. Of course you should factor in the higher cost of maintenance --> lighting, water changes, more coral.

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