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hey guys, There is a new reef forum out that just came out a few days ago and it would be really nice if you guys could join. I am not the Admin of the site so this is not self promotion, but anyways it only has a few members right not but it would be really nice if a few of you guys could join so we could really get this thing going.


Heres the siteMarine Planet



Trever :D

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I joined, why not?

Its a clean slate and maybe theyll get lucky and all the know-it-all power posters wont go there ...

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dude sent me a PM yesterday about the same thing. I was 100% confused, I thought he was spamming me...but he was serious!

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yeah, he sent me a PM asking me to be a mod, but I joined anyways.

Dont really have time to be a mod anyhow.


But everybody gotta start somewhere.

Even nanoreef started with only 1 member at some point . . .

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YES, I will join your site because I like a challenge when I'm searching for answers.


YES, I will join your site because I like waiting and bumping my posts for days to get a reply.


YES, I will join your site because it is way less comprehensive and thought out.


YES, I am completely lying.


NR is the most well functioning, well informed, quick to respond forum I have ever been to. Why would you want another forum? Maybe try making it a local forum.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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