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LED noobie help please


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okay so.... first of all Hi everyone im new here and my names Jake. i have a 40 breeder right now that im hoping to turn into a mixed reef with some sps corals. with that said, how many LED's do you think it would take to cover a 40 breeder and still have the PAR for sps? i was thinking rapidled.com 36 cree led kit so 18 X-RE royal blues and 18 X-RE cool whites on and 10" by 30" heatsink from heatsinkusa.com. it would come out to 4 rows of 9. What are some other options? Thanks for any help you guys :)

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Milad LEDGroupBuy.com

40 breeder is 36" x 18" x 16"

Rule of thumb I like to give people is 10-15 square inches of surface space per CREE 3W LED. So you would be looking at 648 square inches of surface space which puts you between 43-65 LEDs depending on what you want to keep.


Depend on the height above the water line, I would go with about a 60 degree optics if you are around 4-8in above the water line and closer 12-14in then you would need something like a 40 degree.


The heatsinkusa.com heatsinks are overkill, so less is more. Split it into two heatsinks so you can get over the divider in the middle and it allows you to adjust the location of the heatsink to better spread the light. Probably should look at two 10x8 (1in fin height) depending on how high your rock work is.

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