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New mushroom


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I got home from work today and my gf had went to the lfs and came home with some new mushrooms for our tanks. They are really sweet but i have never really seen them before. Anyone have any ideas as to what kind of mushrooms they are?




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Rhodactis. They're one of my favorite shrooms besides Rics and Yumas. :)

Yeah rhodactis is what i was thinking. I have just never seen any this color i guess. The flesh is pretty much clear and the spots are red and white. Is it normal for the flesh to be clear? Just wanna make sure its not bleached or anything.


looks awesome

I wish that you could really see the actual colors under my leds. The first pic is the one in my girlfriends tank and the second is in my tank. Taking pics with my par38 is close to impossible lol.

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