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Seachem Marine Buffer HELP

Captain Hook

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Hello! I have recently set up a 10g tank I plan on reefing. So far I have 20lbs of carib sea sand, 10lbs of live rock. I purchased Seachem Marine buffer yesterday and I have added as per requirements (1 tblspn) actually i put in 2 since yesterday now, and it is having no effect. I also have an activated carbon filter hooked up, and this is the only other filter besides the LS and LR. The PH will raise momentarily to 8.1 than after a couple hours is back to 7.8 again.

Any ideas on what Im doing wrong? I heard seachem is bad for reefs and will get another buffer tommorrow from a better source.

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i had this problem when i started my tank as well, people told me that while your tank is cycling i shouldn't worry too much about ph, and sure enough two weeks later the ph was were it was supposed to be!!

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Don't fight your pH; let it cycle and establish itself. After that, you may need to dose to correct your alk, cal, and mag, but don't dose for your pH.


I've struggled with low pH for quite a while, but I've found that it's because my tank has become an alk sucking monster. If I keep my alk around 9, the pH follows.

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I posted the following word for word earlier today....



Chasing pH is a majorly bad road to go down.....

I cannot tell you how many postings I have seen where people nuked their tank trying to get the pH to where they want it.


Personally I think 7.8 is not bad. And Randy Holmes-Farley (a super smart guy) agrees!

Read this Guy!!!!


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