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Learning the lingo!

Andrew Mac

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I have noticed quite a few acronyms used in the forums some of which I have seen before and some are completely new to me but I have far too much pride to ask what they mean.

Anyway here are a few I know of, please add any others you can think of.


CUC = Clean Up Crew


LFS = Local Fish Shop (or 'Store' for my American friends)


LR = Live Rock


LS = Live Sand


FO = Fish Only


FOWLR = Fish Only With Live Rock


LPS = Large Polyped Stony (corals)


SPS = Small Polyped Stony (corals)


RO = Reverse Osmosis


RO/DI= Reverse Osmosis/DeIonised


DSB = Deep Sand Bed


SSB = Shallow Sand Bed


GSP = Green Star Polyps


MH = Metal Halides


TDS = Total Dissolved Solids



Please feel free to add any I have missed B)

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One term that confused the heck out of me when I first started was 'Fuge'. Took me a while to realize it was short for Refugium. :)


Another was 'cheato' which again, took me a while to realize it was a mis-spelling of Chaeto. :)

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If you don't see a term in the glossary, then add it there. Threads like this will keep on popping up and dying out, unless they are stickied. That's what the glossary is for: a permanent location that can be searched easily.

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