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Tiny skimmer


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I'm looking for the tiniest reasonably effective skimmer. I sold my remora because it was overkill for the 20 gallon I'm keeping, but no skimmer isnt working either. So basically I'm looking for something that doesn't have much in tank footprint that isn't really expensive either.


Thanks guys, you guys at least "get" the nano thing. I keep being told "get a bigger tank" from my local reef club.

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sump or no sump hob or in tank im using a tunze 9002 nano its an awsome skimmer pulls like crazy i have it in a 10g sump on a 10g display

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I'll look into those skimmers, I think the aquatic life looks good.


No skimmer isn't working because I have a scoly that I have to feed more than my fish, and my DI resin went bad leaving me with tons of bad stuff in the water, now I'm getting foam on the top of the water :(


I have a 20 high, no sump under a 70w metal halide bulb.

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