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Clear bubbles under mushroom coral - see picture


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I was repositioning some live rock in the tank and when I looked at my mushroom coral there were what looked almost like a clear button coral or something protruding from under the mushroom. The larger bubbles were maybe dime size at their widest. Here is a pic.




Any ideas?

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is there any coral structure on the rock.. could be some sort of hidden cup coral or relative to sun polyps.


i recently bought a large zoa colony that was covered in tiny hidden cups :)

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Thats no Majano. It might be a bubble tip. Not a shroom if it retacts with any speed.


I agree it looks more like a BTA, but look at this Majano:


Very similar shape, coloration obviously can vary.


The part about it moving makes me thing it's not a foot. Also, the fact that I've never seen a mushroom foot that looked like that.


Would seem more likely for a Majano to randomly pop up like that than a BTA, but who knows.

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my first thought is bubble algae that's "died" or released its spores. I've seen it look like that way. Obviously I can't poke it with my what the frag are you stick to see if it retracts or not. but does it behave like an animal or is it sort of hard? or does it kinda dent? I forget what dead bubble algae does.

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