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when to give up


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One of my cuc in my pico died recently and caused an ammonia spike. This then caused one of my sps frags to RTN in a matter of hours. My other frags were still ok at this point but some had STN. I left some of the other frags in and constantly did water changes every few hours (big ones around 40%) but the ammonia levels simply wouldn't go down. I made sure all params were extremely similar so I'm pretty sure there wasn't any added stress from the water changes. Especially because my sps still had pretty good pe after the first few water changes. Saved a couple of the more hardy frags, but lost several as well.


My question is at what point should you give up on saving a frag? Because in a pico, the ammonia that it releases as the tissue dies would quickly degrade water quality. I did a ton of water changes but still couldn't keep up with the speed of ammonia production...

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I was going to suggest picking up a ten gallon and using that as a fallout tank but then I realized you had to light it. I guess if you wanted a cheap setup you could get an odyssea light, cheap powerhead, and a plain jane heater. Prob cost you less than 100$ and would allow you to save your coral in the future should something like this happen again. Sorry about your losses man.

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