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Spotted Mandarin's Tail problems


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Hey guys i have a small super nice(ofc) spotted mandarin in my 30g with a clown goby, potters wrasse, and a red coral banded shrimp...


Ive noticed the mandarin is missing a few chuncks in his tail over the last few days. Hes super healthy and is eating fine but im assuming my shrimp is being an SoB since ive seen him chase the fish a few times.


Ive started spot feeding the shrimp silversides, since i couldnt catch him.


Clearly a healthy, frozen eating mandarin is my priority but im not really sure if im correct with this or if im going the right path.


Any help is appreciated!

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I notice random little nips and cuts here and there all the time. I wouldn't worry unless it seems like the fish is being progressively being eaten!

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The nips have been progressive. I havent seen any for 2 days but im still wondering what the best course of action would be.


Im positive the coral banded is aggressive since i have seen him stalk my mandarin at night and when i put in my wrasse he chased him around when ever the wrasse would swim by.


Its only been 2 days of spot feeding my coral banded silverside chunks so im not sure how well thats doing. Any suggestions? Kick the shrimp?

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