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VorTech MP10 placement...


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ok. so the day has finally arrived, i have in my grubby little paws my mp10! now...the only thing is....i dunno where to put it! so i thought i'd ask some fellow reefers what they thought.


the pictures are of my current current (HAHA) setup. the drawings are of my 3 places i'm thinking about putting it...however, as of writing this, i've also realized i could put it on the back wall.....but i never see mp10s put on that way.


the tank is a 41G fluval osaka. bent glass front panel/sides. so i don't have sharp square corners in the front.


dimensions are 24" top to bottom, 24 side to side, 18 front to back. the current powerheads are the K1's that do 425GPH. and i have a ehiem 1250 return that gets about 200 GPH.


i'm planning on keeping LPS and softies. MAYBE some SPS later on down the road, but they would be up towards the top peak. i have a few mushrooms around the bottom and some there in the middle, and a toadstool there on the top. i have about 18 zoa frags that have yet to be placed on my rock.


so, cast your vote, ask some questions, or suggest a new idea.


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that's what i plan on doing. on the side.


and i'm thinkin of keepin the little new style koralia and directing it around the bottom. like if you are looking at the front of the tank it would be on the right side (same as mp10) and down in the corner blowing towards the front.


or will this beast do all that i need it to....

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now i have another one coming....any ideas? i'm thinking about midway up on opposite ends of the back wall, facing the front of the tank, obviously.


main reason for that is i view my tank out of the side pane about as much as i view it from the front pane. but i don't know how well that will work. and i could do the back pane and the side pane too i suppose, or even both on the same end, but that kinda defeats the purpose. i wanna get the flow moving from side to side....well....from one direction, back the other direction. not necessarily side to side.



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Dang, 2 mp10's in that tank is gonna make some serious wave action. wherever you put it make sure you can easily access it for maint. too

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