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Marineland LED bubblewand as moonlinghts?


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Hey guys, Im new to the forum and thought I'd ask about these bubblewands since I cant seem to find anybody using them as regular moonlights without the air pump attached. I searched the forum but found nothing about these wands.


Has anyone used them as regular ol' moonlights(no air curtain), attached to either the hood or even underwater?


Im thinking about getting one or two of these for my aquapod 12 since the stock lunars have bit the dust. ;)

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You could, but the angle on the LEDs looks really narrow. There are other options out there that will have better spread and output for the same money. Measure Explorer (ebay seller) is a good choice.

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the Measure Explorer ones look pretty cool, especially the 8" wide 8 led strip...Are they good quality? Ive heard of people complaining about leds bought on ebay burning out on them after a couple weeks use.


Im thinking of attaching it to the splashguard somehow and running the cable through the back. Maybe velcro? I want something thats not so permanent.

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i bought one from there like 3 years ago, the last led finally died on me.


$3 years for under $20? ill take that every time. well worth the money.

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