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Renovating goby/shrimp pair's home


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I have a yellow goby/pistol shrimp pair in my 5 gallon tank. They've been in there a few weeks now, and clearly some serious excavation has been conducted. There seem to be four or five connected entrances to their burrow.


I was sick when they were done with quarantine but wanted to get them into their tank, so just threw some live rock in there so they'd be more at home than in the Qtank. Now that I've got some time, I'd like to rescape the tank so its more structurally stable in case digging shakes things up, and to give them more places to hide and burrow. The only problem is getting hold of the fish and shrimp.


They'll obviously hide, so how do I make sure they don't get buried when I move the rock? I would imagine lifting the main rock will collapse many of the tunnels. I'd like to net them and have them out of the way for a few minutes while I put the scape together. Any idea how to get them out and safe? I was guessing I could probably comb through the sand with my fingers, but don't want to hurt them or miss anybody. They're alone in the setup, so hopefully it will be easy, but I'd like some tips if anybody has them before I find out things aren't going smoothly when I try.

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I'd say your best option would be to remove them from the tank into a QT until it's finished.


Whether you do this or not, you're probably going to want to take all the rock out, completely, and rebuild starting with well placed base pieces. This way, you can build again without worrying about crushing them.

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