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New tank and Hitchhikers?!


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I just started my tank about three hours ago and I am already starting to see hitchhiking corals. I see a little pink coral that looks exactly like a candy cane coral, I really want to ensure this little guy lives past the cycle. Is there anything I can do to ensure his safety? I see two others so far, not sure exactly what they are but look very cool=D. I will provide some picture tomorrow, the tank is still a little unsettlted from the sand.


Thanks everyone! :lol:


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If you cycle with cured liverock than you will have near to no cycle. My cycle was done in a week with cured liverock and I had bearely a trace of ammonia.

alright awsome! I got extremely good live rock from my LFS. How often did you test your amonia, nitrates, nitrites, and pH?


Thanks so much,


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