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Okay, so I'm sure everyone who has one knows how terrible the LED system is on the AP 12. The power supply, and LED's are toast on my unit, and I want to upgrade to something a little better. I have a 12V power supply and can still use the stock receptacle, so I'm on the search for some 12V LED's.


The big question is whether or not normal Blue, White, Purple LED's give out the same lighting parameters as the aquarium LED's. Below is an example of some LED's I've used many times before, and I know are waterproof, flexible, and very dependable.


Will these give me the same effect as the aquarium versions? I'm not looking for these to be my primary lighting source, just night time viewing/lunar effect. I don't want it to effect any softies I put in the tank. Thanks for your help.





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Just found this for anyone who is looking for an answer to the above.


"This said is where there is much misunderstanding as to emitter abilities based on emails I have received. Many think that emitters sold for DIY projects or the many lower end LEDs (such as the Double & Single Bright) are equal, which is simply 100% incorrect! Even one low end 7000K emitter is not necessarily the same as another 7000K high end emitter (these high end emitters usually patented with exclusive rights to these as well)."



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ok, this is a very long question to answer, go to the lighting forum, read the ultimate LED guide (its stickied at the top) and if you still have questions post them there

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