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Spider webs


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they are worms (not too sure of the name) that send out "nets" to catch food in the water column. Keep them around. most of the ones in my tank are a bit larger

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Per the ID THREAD:


Vermetid: HARMLESS

Typically harmful if nothing is around. I have noticed that these things (I have some big ones) when they create their slime trail it really bugs all your corals. They will keep zoas closed up completely and really irritate any others to the point that it will kill the coral. I have personally even lost colonies because of these. So just watch with caution.

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Can someone tell me what these are? They produce a spider web like strand in the tank and even attach to the powerhead.




Those are vermetid worms. They are harmless, but the "webs" they put out can irritate coral.


Here is a up close and personal shot at what your are looking at





and they are fine, bother nothing


That photo is an incorrect identification. Those are colonial hydroids.


Hydroids (harmful):



Vermetid Worms (relatively harmless):


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now is it a feather duster we are talking about here or something else? i thought he was talking about the sends out the mucus "net", not a little feather duster.


ty for above post ^

i thought he was talking about the vermetid

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