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help me plan my future tank upgrade :)


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so my wife and i will be moving soon, yes that means i gotta move all 4 tanks, yikes. but we just bought our first place and were talking about a larger tank :) was thinking of combining my seaclear 20gallon system 2 and my nano cube 28 into a 40 gallon breeder setup :) i am looking for opinions on how iu should do the setup. my lfs can get me the tank and if i want they can add an internal overflow box built in and drill it for me for about $50 more. not bad i didnt think. but should i go with a drilled tank with internal overflow box or should i do an hob overflow box? i am afraid that drilling the tank would compromise the strength of the tank wouldnt it? and from what i see and here, the hob overflow boxes are very reliable but then again i guess it doesnt get more reliable than a hole in the tank ;)

i also see people run them with the hob fuges or even ac110 hob fuges. i have an aquac nano remora skimmer that i can upgrade the pump on easily. i can run it on the tank or the sump (will run on the sump if i end up doing a sump which i probably will. i was thinking a 10 gallon sump/refugium :) i also have a jbj reaction canister filter with built in uv that i am not currently using if that is an option. it is a great filter :), thats like a little sump in itself :) cant grow chaeto in it but used it for reef a while back and i must say it kept the water quality perfect and always crystal clear.

i dont want to do a different tank. i really like the 40 breeder. has a good footprint and layout. just the size i want and has alot of swimming room.

im looking for suggestions and/or your thoughts please. help me plan my future tank. we are moving in about a month and i would like to do it a couple months after that so there is some time :)

but please... thoughts?

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many many people drill tanks and I don't think in general there is a problem with the strength of the tank being compromised. Some people even glue LR rubble on the back of their tank and still don't seem to have problems. If I was using an HOB overflow, I would always be worried about losing the siphon in the tube and having my tank overflow... It wouldn't be worth the risk in my mind. I use a durso style overflow, and it works really well. It's a little noisy (not super silent, but bareable). I would do a herbie style drain if I were do it again (you can search for this design)


As far as a sump goes, I have a 10 gallon under my 40 gallon with an Aqua C remora skimmer... I WISH my sump were bigger. Get the biggest sump that will fit in your stand. Think about whether or not you will want to upgrade you skimmer in the future, because sump design is often determined by the requirements of you skimmer.


Hope this helps :)

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Thanks for the input guys. Rimless would be cool :)

And you recomend a herbie style over flow? Imma do some research on over flows herbie and durso. Could you explain and or point me to some informative reading ;)

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Thru tank overflow like glass-holes.com kits. Quiet, fool proof, flood safe, take up less room in the tank.


I use this style on all my tanks, works great.

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