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Nano Frag Tank?


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Due to limited space my tank is all of 14gallons. The corals I buy are often too large for the tank so I frag them to the size I need and sell off the remaining frags to local reefers. Because of this I have an awful frag rack taking up lots of room in my tank.


In an attempt to rid this distraction from my "display tank" I am contemplating setting up a 5 gallon frag tank which will pretty much serve as a holding tank for frags until I am able to sell them off.


My first question is, would 5 gallons be too small for this purpose? I will only be stocking LPS and softies.


Second, how simplistic can I go as far as filtration/ equipment? I was thinking a heater, power head, 5-6lbs of live rock and some chaeto is all I would use combined with weekly water changes. Will this suffice for corals only? There will be no other livestock in the tank and feedings won't be necessary.


Lastly, any suggestions on the light for this small a tank? I have been looking at the following:


Coralife - 2x6w T5HO

Marineland - 18x1w LED

DIY - 48w PC (I have all the parts)


Any suggestions are appreciated. . .

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If I were you I would go 10gallons. For lighting I would go with the Coralife.


No offense, bud, but you don't even have a saltwater tank running. At the moment, I think you're a bit under-qualified to give advice regarding other people's tank setups.


To the OP: The size of your frag tank depends on how many frags you have before you're able to sell them off. Look at your frag racks right now. Will everything fit in a 5.5g tank? If not, go with a 10g.


What lighting do you have in your display tank? How quickly are you able to sell your corals? I would personally go with your PC lighting since it won't cost you any extra money to do it. See how the frags fare...see if they lose color with the PC lighting or not.


For filtration, I'd use an Aqua-Clear filter modified to a fuge and stick the heater in there. A simple powerhead in the display tank will suffice. Just keep up with your water changes and all will be fine. It'll be easy to suction the debris at the bottom since the frag tank will be bare bottom.

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