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40br re-stock


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I'm planning to pull my longnose hawk, coral beauty, and sixline wrasse from my 40 (the hawk and wrasse make adding small shrimp pretty much impossible, and the angel prevents the addition of clams, plus she's been nipping very closely to my corals lately).


that would leave me with a yellowtail damsel, a pair of percula clowns, a YWG and a royal gramma.


my only requirements are that they are compatible with my current stock, wont bother shrimp (even small shrimp, like sexies and periclimenes spp), clams or coral, and dont have any complicated feeding requirements (like trained mandarins). also, would prefer fish who leave 'pods and bristleworms alone, though dont hugely care either way.


currently on my list are greenbanded and neon gobies, firefish, zebra bared dartfish, tailspot, caribbean sailfin or saddled blennies. any other suggestions?


suckish curveball- see post 7

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yeah, I think I am overstocked now. looking at the tank, it feels like Im looking at fish soup.


I think I'm gonna do a small perching goby, probably a clown (green or yellow) or maybe a small blenny, like a caribbean sailfin or tailspot.

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+1 on staying away from the clown gobies. Mine decided to perch in an SPS coral and ate it away, one polyp at a time.


I like the tailspot blenny and the greenbanded goby. My Greenbanded is very active but stays very small.

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huh- I figured that with a clown goby being so small, even if it nipped it wouldnt be able to do a huge amount of damage. :( I do have SPS, and Im planning more, so I guess they're a bad idea.

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my poor babies are sick! It seems ich came in on my clownfish, and I only just noticed it today! I'll be pulling everyone for treatment in the next few days, and leaving the display fallow for 6-10 weeks (probably 8).


the only upside of this is that it will allow for the drastic re-stocking I'd been thinking about.


my current stock is:

royal gramma

pair of percula clowns


yellowtail damsel

plus a coral beauty angel, longnose hawk, and sixline wrasse who will all be re-homed as soon as they're well enough


the only fish I really refuse to get rid of are the clowns; pretty much all the others I'm willing to re-home. new fish MUST be 100% coral, invert (even small ones), and clam safe! with those restictions, what would you do?

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