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GBTA destroyed by MAXI JET 1200


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Woke up yesterday and the water was really cloudy. Thinking to myself where is that gbta?


Sure enough I saw bits of him suctioned to the intake of the MJ at the very top of my tank. Everything else looked good.


I did a 4 gallon water change yesterday and sucked up bits of it and all is still well in my 40.


I guess they only release toxins when they die gradually?


(I wanted to remove this gbta to sell for like $10 the night before...i guess it knew and committed suicide)

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I just had this happen to my RBTA. truly sad day. I pushed out some heavy water change and loads of carbon on mine. had me scared of a tank crash which would have been devastating.

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It happens. My GBTA got mad after I added my RBTA and released its foot from the rock straight into my seido powerhead. What a smell these things release when they are cut up! It made me gag a couple of times while I was cleaning the guts from the propeller.

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