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about to start new pico


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maybe getting brand new GLA 30c from local guy if it falls threw i will just order mr aqua or do! aqua 12" cube.


im breaking down biocube 29 and in process of selling off all livestock except for a couple choice pieces


going to be doing this tank right and only getting everything i want and not settling for less. It will have glass-holes nano overflow to a custom sump with aquaticlife skimmer, return will be a lily pipe. lighting will be a par 38 most likely rapid LED. going to keep my reef keeper lite to run tank. looking into ATO's and MP10's :wub:


i am looking around for a stand ,shouldnt be too hard just small table with one big door on front (weight shouldnt be a huge issue)


Plan on keeping mostly sps (have awesome store semi close with crazy colored stuff) and lps few nice acans


going bonsai style (gonna get like 20lbs of dry rock and put a few scapes together and use what i like best)


ive been trying to figure out where to put the overflow center or corner?

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copper herbie overflow, fill it with triggers and tangs, and fry everything with a 400w halide.... trust me corals will love it. ;)

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