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Ocean Pulse DUO wavemaker


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Does anyone use this? Its the one that comes with the Nanocubes. Im thinking about upgrading the return pumps to maxijet 1200s but i wanted to see how this worked before I did anything. I figure ill need to get another powerhead no matter what i do though.




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It works a buddy of mine is using one on a 40 breeder it creates some nice radom flow patterns he has the duo and uses 2 koralia evolution power heads on each end of the tank to get some nice random flow.

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It comes with the JBJ 28's.



I'm also curious about this pecie of equipment.


What do you guys want to know about it? I mean of course it works. it will switch from pump a to pump b as often as you set it to from like 7 sec-3min I think. Ive run mine for 2.5 years without issue and still running the stock pumps although they are starting to make more noise(humming and clicking when switched on) than they did when new. However im not going to replace them till they die and i will do so with the mj 1200's just for the reliability of them not the flow as I run an mp-10 so the flow they provide is minimal. I do also use another very small 110gph pump behind my rock work to provide more flow in this slightly stagnant area where algae will grow due to the lower flow caused by the rocks blocking the mp10s path.


Is that what you wanted to know? Also a lot of guys dont run it and just have both pumps on all the time. I dont do this because with algae growth on the overflow intake grate slows the inflow too much and the water line gets very high, high enough that when the mp10 ramps up or i have it set to long pulse it will push water over the top.

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