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Solana 34 Media Basket/Holder Pre-Sale


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We hear the yelling so here ya go.


Solana 34 Media Basket is ready for what?

Pre-Sale!!! What does that mean? Well it means you are first on the increasing list for this long awaited piece of equipment. You also give inTank monies now and we run off with it ship your order as soon as they start to trickle in off production. First on the list is first to receive so don't wait too long.


But we're not done:

Order in the next 10 minutes and we will release the Solana 34 Foam Holder! What is a Foam Holder? Well the Solana has foam in chamber one that cuts down on waterfall noise as water enters the chamber and falls down the intake tube. Problem is it is held up by two dinky skinny horizontal pieces of ABS. Foam over time tends to fall down that tube and you are in a world of fun.


The inTank Foam Holder keeps the foam in place, makes it super easy to pull up for changes or cleanings. You can even use inTank's filter floss in it's place for crystal clear water without the risk of nitrates. Or filter floss can be cut to shape to fit perfectly.


But that's not all:

Order in the next 8 minutes and we'll cut your monthly payments during the pre-sale. The media basket and foam holder are on sale! You earn interest back by ordering early.


inTank isn't finished yet:

We also put together a package deal so you can save even more. Bundle the Media Basket and Foam Holder for additional savings and fun just pay shipping and handling.


Remember, all orders over $140 USD receive free shipping. Order today don't delay.


Pictures are of prototypes and improvements have been made.


Media Basket:




Foam Holder:




Package Deal:




Pre-sale conditions: Estimated time of completion is 2 weeks from Feb-22-2011. Orders are shipped complete unless other arrangements have been made. Invoices are shipped in order received during the pre-sale. Images do not 100% reflect finished product improvements have been made to design and performance.

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