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Chaeto lighting


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Waste of time. 5W halogen submersible pond lights work much better.


I got this same advice. I had a hard time finding those halogens for some reason. I looked on StevieT's site, but could only find bulbs. I would have rather bought from him.


These shipped yeterday:


5 W Halogens


I also got one of these, that I may put over the top of the fuge, space permitting.


Cree XP-G emitter, driver, and heat sink

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Anyone try these for their fuge?



At $10 it seems like a good deal. They are fully submersible (saltwater safe?)but am wondering if it puts out enough light for a small amount of chaeto. If you have one how is the quality of the build?


First of all :welcome: to N-R! This is the best site out there. Promise you will like it.


Second, go 5w halogens.


If its a JBJ you could do a JBJ nano Glow.

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that XP-G page isn't loading for me, but I have had very good luck growing chaeto under a single cool white XP-G at 1-1.5A. works much better than 5w halogens.

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Omg I can't believe I've been on this site for almost a year an haven't heard of these submersible halogens until now. That would be perfect for my pico in the bedroom!

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this looks like a great alternative to the nano-glo, the price difference is huge let please let us know how it goes. I am preparing to setup a bc14 as well and am planning on a mediabasket with cheato and a light, so I'll be keeping an eye on this.

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Shop light and a spaghetti bulb, imo.


That's what I use--I use the 40w version (actual, not equivalent). They are cheap and always effective, IME.

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Unless the led's are high powered dont waste your money. I bought a cheap submersible led light for my fuge and it isnt bright enough to grow chaeto. Get the 5w submersible pond light.

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