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Fragster's 20'ish Gallon Hexagon Reef


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This is my 1 month old, 20'ish gallon acrylic hexagon tank.


My girlfriend found the tank, stand, and canopy at value village for $40! It smelled like cigarettes so I decided to sand it and refinish the stand and canopy, which got rid of all the stink. It also has some scratches on the acrylic, but still great for the price.


I bought the LED lighting off of eBay for $350 shipped, it is dimmable with 20x 3w Cree LEDs for a total of 60w. (10x royal blue and 10x white)


I custom built a refugium, with free ABS from craigslist, which is somewhere near 10 gallons. The refugium houses some live rock rubble, filter media, and some cheato macro algae. (I'm thinking about adding a skimmer, but I don't know if one is that necessary on a tank this small?)


I've just added some corals a week ago from a local guy who was tearing down his tank.

I have no fish yet, but am planning to add a couple in once I can decide what to get. (I'm open to suggestions)

Most of the live rock came from my 75 gallon I tore down due to costs and space.


Let me know what you think! :D







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wow! I wish my hex was acrylic, I'm so jealous of how little refraction you have on your edges! Looking very very nice, I would use some of that money you saved on the tank and spring for a nice pair of ORA naked or Midnight clowns.


Loving the hex. and are you using an slr camera?

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Loving the hex. and are you using an slr camera?


I was using my sisters Canon EOS 5D with a macro lens for the up close shots, and regular zoom lens for the full tank shots.

I have no idea how to use it though, so I was just winging it... I tried reading up a bit in the photography section of this forum, but I still didn't understand how to get the coloration right, especially with these LEDs (I had MHs and actinics in the past)


Also, just found a picture of the ORA naked clown you suggested, and I'm loving those, thanks!! :D

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