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Yellow Watchman Goby keeps getting stuck against BC29 intake grate!?


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I just picked up a really small YWG the other day.. he seems to be doing fine in the tank and adjusting well.. with one exception..


whenever the lights go off, he starts swimming to the top of the tank, and like a moth is drawn towards the intake grate, where he becomes stuck by the suction. He is only about 1.25" long, so even though the suction isn't strong, it seems to be trapping him there. When I turn off the pump to release him, he swims away, but after a while keeps coming back.


What's weird is that during the day he hangs on the sand/under a rock!?

Could he just be being pulled into the grate while sleeping? Maybe he's just chilling there? He doesn't seem able to escape on his own though.


BTW he is eating and doesn't appear sick, and all my other fish are fine!

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my buddy's fang blenny intentionally gets sucked up to the grate with just his lower half, and puts on his camo skin and chills. then whenever he wants, he just breaks away from it and goes somewhere else.

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My black clown goby swims to the intake and hang out in there for a wile,at first I though the same that you, he likes to hide and hardly see him in the open, but when I see him, he is chilling in the intake and them swim away to hide

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I turned off my koralia and now he is just hanging on a rock. I think I may have to turn it off at night until he gets bigger, just in case. Weird fish!

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When i got home i looked around my tank and couldn't find him, so i looked in the back chambers and he wasn't there. I noticed a piece of LR had fallen somehow, so i figured he might have gotten killed by it. I looked and he wasn't there.


After searching in many different places, i finally picked up a rock near where my pistol shrimp has his burrow.. and sure enough, I saw a little yellow head sticking out! The goby found him and now they are living happily in a burrow together! :D

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