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Coral Vue Hydros

Will this work to keep chaeto?


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I have a 24g NanoCube and I want to make the 2nd chamber into a refugium. I have a 150w MH fixture that hangs above the tank and wanted to know if I use a reflector to reflect light into the chamber if that will work to keep chaeto?

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Its really not complicated at all. I took a 5"-5" piece of mirror stainless steel, angled it against the back wall of chamber 2 so that the light points straight down into the chamber. Made 2 wood blocks to hold the angle and double sided taped it to the back of the chamber. Everything I used I got from my job for free so i figured it wouldnt hurt to try it out. The chamber is as bright as the tank when the MH are on so it should work. Also, does the whole ball of chaeto need light? If so i guess I can just mix it around daily to get light periodically to the whole ball.

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