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star fish for begginers?


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so im pretty new on reef keeping(4-5 months) and was wondering if there is a starfish for begginers , I have a BC 29 2 clowns fish, yellow clown goby, cleaner shrimp, 2 pepps mins, and a pistol, getting a goby to pair it too, any good ideas on this one too? thanks in advance

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The only thing I can think of are chocolate chips. But they eat coral and get pretty big. Seastars really arn't begginger friendly...the next hardies would probaly be sand sifting stars, but they'd go through your sand very quickly.

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i have one asterina, I haven't see it in some months, soim not thinking on getting one any more becuase those that I may be able to take care I don't really like lol

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