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Coral Vue Hydros

Macroalgae and worms invading my tank!


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At first they weren't really a problem, but they are growing and expanding fast. I probably have over 30 of those worm-like creatures all over my tank. They attach themselves on one end and sway with the currents on the other end. I first noticed the macro algae almost two months ago. It is now moving to neighboring rocks. I was hoping someone could help me ID them?



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The first are digitate hydroids, which aren't so bad. The caulerpa is more of a problem to control. Try to be careful if you decide to remove it to avoid releasing small pieces.

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You guys are great. Thank you!


This caulerpa is going to be a pain. I took out the two rocks and removed as much as I could by hand. I even used a tooth brush for areas that were too small to reach. Even so, I can still see some traces of it left. Something tells me this won’t be the end of it…

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