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ID on zoanthids?

matt frizz

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They are purple/green and look a lot better in real life. My camera sucks. They look like fruit loops ( i know they are not) with different colored skirts.

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i just saw some of these on a shipment my lfs got from bali, but only a small rock! do they have a light yellow tipped skirt?


I'd say the skirts are all purple on these guys. It goes purple skirt followed by purple ring, green ring, purple ring and blue mouths.


I'm happy w/ these no matter what they are but I was just wondering if I got lucky. This rock was $51.99 and then 15% off that because I bought 2 corals.


I find some pretty good deals on corals in my area. Like these acans.


100_2377.jpg $45


100_2378.jpg $45


And these are from my Mr. Coral frag pack that I got last year. $120 and I lost one colony.



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