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scotti's 14g biocube


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I have completed the conversion to SW from FW. I started the aquarium on the 13th of Feb and added 10lbs of live rock and about 20lbs of live sand. Tested water and stablized sg at 1.023. Amonia is at zero and nitrite and nitrate are all at zero. ph is about 8.0. i will post pics when I have a chance.


Mods :

- Larger holes in the hood to accommodate the fluval 205 canister intake and output tubes.

- cut the tab off off between chambers 1 and 2 to increase flow.

- pulled out all bioballs and inserted media rack(will later be used as refuge)

- pulled stock pump out and used fluval as main pump(intake in chamber 3 and stock output nozzle)

- main pump as secondar pump in main display for more flow.








I have already removed the painters tape off the tube.








hope you all enjoy.

I will be picking about 3lbs of more live rock to cover up some more of the back wall.


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I did some water tests yesterday and my sg is 1.024, the ph is 8.0, ammonia 0, nitrite 0, and nitrate 0. Still waiting for the cycle and corresponding blooms of algae and pods but its only been three days.

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Purchased about 2 lbs of more LR form the LFS, added it to my tank and waited for a couple of days. I found a couple of pods and a couple of tube worms I guess, the are in tubes in the rock with very tiny hair like filaments in a fan with two arms. I also found a snail looks almost like a ramshorn from fresh water and a bristle worm. my latest test show that the cycling is going well and i am starting to see some coarline growth on he LR. I will post some more pictures tonight.

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Did my water test today and found the ammonia back down to 0, nitrite back down to 0 and my nitrate up a little bit. also noticed some brown algea starting to grow and some cyano bacteria growing. CUC is ordered and will be in on monday thanks to reefcleaners.org. I also plan on building my fuge light and putting in my chaeto ( getting the fuge up and running fully in chamber 2) in. sorry about the pictures my camera was acting up. but i will post them tonight.

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Well my camera is officially broken so t might be a few days until I get a new one. The cycle is coming to an end and the algae and diatoms are blooming all over the tank. I was excited to find that what I thought was a worm is actually a very small brittle star. I am seeing more coralline growth and more calcified worms and tubeworms/feather dusters that are active around the tank. The cuc crew will be here actually on Tuesday and I will post then. I will also have new pictures when I have a new camera.

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i am moving this log of my aquarium to the all-in-one aquarium group because that is were it belongs. thanks to those who have helped me along the way.

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