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Starting reef needs


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I want to start some easy corals in my 4 gallon finnex with a 26 watt light, im thinking blue chalice, kenya tree some zoa's and polyps. Is there a product like kent and it's products that will substitute enough to maintain a well balanced tank? if so which one's ( from kent ) would i need?

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Using a quality reef salt is a good start. I would start there before dosing. If the tank doesn't have fish (get fed), you should feed your coral too.

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+1 Get a quality reef salt (I use Reef Crystals but there are many others that are good too), keep your SG at 1.025, that's likely all you'll need to do for quite a while w/ those corals. And feed as necessary. Make sure you also keep up with your top offs in a small tank like that. You may want to consider an ATO - I'd look into that well before even thinking about supplements. I'd also suggest a refractometer if you have not purchased one.

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