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RO Runoff into garden.... Thoughts?


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i want to have my ro runoff going into my garden if im going to be watering the garden with the hose anyways i dont see how this could be any different if not better does anyone know if this is a good idea or if this water is concentrated with things my garden wont like?

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Just make sure you have an air space between the waste water outlet and whatever you are storing it in for use in the garden.


What do you mean by "air space"?

I run mine straight out to the garden from the RODI unit when making water...so no storage of waste water necessary.

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If you have a line that is directly connected to the RO, and then runs outside, you have the chance of contaminating the RO. The line can pull moisture back towards the RO. And air space would be running the concentration line to a container that has some sort of air gap between the line and the container.


I learned all this from the resident expert, AZRat

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Never stick a line directly into something that is non potable or safe to drink.An example is sticking a garden hose in a tree well, swimming pool or horse trough or the RO into a sink drain and a line breaks somewhere in the municipal water system causing a backsiphonage or backflow. Uck!

Since water cannot jump uphill as long as you leave a space or "air gap" between the hose and where it drains you cannot possible cause a backflow incident or health risk. When you buy a ANSI/NSF rated RO drinking water system it comes with an air gap faucet which does the same thing, the waste line leads up to a high point inside the faucet housing which contains an air gap before it leads down to the drain saddle on the sinks P trap. This prevents a backsiphonage in case the water supply gets shut off in an emergency.

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