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Home depot or Glass store


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Hey everybody, im gonna start my sump this weekend, and i was curious as to where would be cheaper and or better to get class cut. Home depot or a glass store?


and i couldnt figure this out but what thickness will i need for the glass to be cut? it is a 1o gallon sump!

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Got phone?


Home Depot only had the 1/8" glass when I was there. Are you making the whole sump? Or just the baffles? 1/8 should be fine for the baffles for a 10 gallon.

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The glass at Home Depot, here, is actually 3/32" thick, so not even 1/8"! I did build a 5 gallon tank with it for my girlfriend though and it's held up for about 2 years now. I think it would be fine for baffles.


Like Coastie said, my HD does not cut so go to Lowes!

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sorry, my lfs told me to not go to lowes so i was confused thankyou


You should try to cut it yourself,


I have been doing it for 15 years.


This is the place i work at in Canada, btw, Starphire glass is 17$ CAD a square feet , regular glass (Clear Float) is 6$/square feet, i can do my own drilling, cutting, mittering, grinding, tempering.... and i have a walmart tank.... LOL


I am director of the cutting departement, if anyone in Canada (Montreal) needs glass, PM me


here is a link to some of our product.





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