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Could I use a scrubbie in my ac50 for filtration? I am going to have 3 lbs of live sand and 3 lbs of live rock but was wondering if I could put a scrubbie in for biological filtration. In my freshwater tanks thats all I use are shower scrubbies.



I want to put one of these in my filter. I would keep it in during the cycle so bacteria could colonize it.

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sure. but it will end up being more for pods, while the sand will be a better medium for bacteria.


it will develop a bio film, but it doesn't have the same amount of surface area.

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I was also considering filling up my filter with live rock rubble and putting the scrubbie on top for aerobic bacteria. For freshwater the scrubbies have the most surface area for bacteria to colonize but I always hear for saltwater bio media will turn into a nitrate factory. Also were can you buy an underwater fuge light?

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Think of the scrubbie as filter floss. It does the same thing. Only you can throw away floss when it's dirty. :)


By the way, I used to use these in trickle filters all the time and they were great (not the shower ones, the kitchen ones). But I had a disposable filter pad on top to catch the detritus.



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just ordered 5 bs live sand, 1 lb rock bottom crud, 2 lb. rock rubble, 3 lb. base rock, and 1 lb of fiji uncured live rock. So thats a total of 6 lbs of live sand and 6 lbs. of live rock for my 3 gal. pico



Is this enough filtration for my pico? I am planning on one shrimp and a lot of coral. The rock rubble and crud will go in my ac50 along with my scrubbie.

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You need to leave the freshwater filtration at the door with a reef tank. This is all the same as bioballs, rubble, sponges. All trap junk, never get clean and will lead to nitrates. Your live rock is your bio filter.


Also where I come from they call them Poofs yet we also call a water fountain a bubbler.

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So i shouldn't use the rock rubble in my ac50 fuge? I thought people put mud and rock rubble in there fuge. The rock crud is the same as dfs miracle mud but is live.


Steve do you have any fuge lights?

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Makes my top 5 p-star list.


What can I do with the 2 lbs of rock rubble I ordered?


Keep it in a tank for use of frags?


I use a filter pad to get rid of some particulates. I find my chaeto catches a lot of crud too. I remove the pad every couple days and the chaeto I wash out in the out the door water. it all traps crud in the end.


Send me one of those. I was looking for a shower puff today. supermarket doesn't have them anymore. I miss my shower puff ;-;

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Wal-Mart has them in stock in the soap section. I will just throw the extra one in my piranhas biocube.

I am still going to put the mud in my filter with some chaeto.


Does anyone know were I can get an underwater fuge light?

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