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ID Brown "stuff" please


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Can some give a positive ID on this and what i should do to get rid of it? This is occurring in my sump and display tank. heres some pics all from the main tank







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Cynobacteria. Pretty normal in new tanks. Cut off the light period and manually remove as much as you can.


It will eventually go away when more complex micro organisms out compete it for food.


Also cut feedings and other nutrients.


People will tell you to increase your flow but that does not help much. It growing in your sump prove that this doesnt help. Your sump has a much large turnover than your tank.


Having as much as you have shown makes me think that you are feeding to much. Cut feedings to once a day and as much as your fish will eat in about 15 seconds or less.

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Flow does matter. Cyano forms in dead zones with low-no flow. Just because the sump has a high turnover doesn't mean it's pointed well.


Head to reefcleaners and check the algae ID guide. Some hermits munch this stuff, flow clears it up and, if you want a quick and temporary fix, shutting off the lights for a day or two makes it go away. It will come back, eventually, usually.


My money is on two things:


1. New tank

2. Understocked CuC

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