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LED layout and spacing considering rock work height


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here is the new layout im considering



*sorry cant find a way to turn this into a pic


blue is royal Blue

teal is cool white

yellow is neutral white


distance between all LEDs is almost exactly 1.5"


look at the height of my rockwork (look at FTS)


LEDs will be approx. 3" from surface of water, no optics, tank is approx. 14" from surface to sand

Cree XP-E and XP-G run at 700mA on 40 watt adjustable TRP drivers



1. will there be good color blending?

2. will there be any spotlighting/banding at the upper most rocks?


pls ignore the frogspawns at the top of the tank, they wont be that high once the LEDs go in, so dont take that into consideration for the questions above




edit:forgot some crucial info


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I had my led diy fixture 3-4 inches off the water. I did not know about using spray sealant for water proofing. After approx. 6-8 weeks the fixture died from corrosion. Even cleaning, and re soldering will not bring it back. Now I am re building but I will use spray sealant and an acrylic splash guard. Hopefully others will not experience the same set back as I have with a little preventative info. Good Luck



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