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Red mushrooms are faded to pale pink


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My tank is thriving and everything is flourishing....except the red mushrooms. They were deep, vibrant red when I got them, but they have slowly faded to pale pink - almost translucent.


Every water parameter is in range and there are no signs of distress with any of the other corals. The green-striped and blue mushrooms are doing fine.


Any ideas? I figure it's a lighting issue, but are the red ones more sensitive to lighting than the others? I have stock BC8 18W bulbs and they run on an 8 hour light cycle.

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They are all in the bottom 1/4 of the tank. The fading happened slowly over the course of a few weeks. They don't seem to be getting any lighter in color, but they certainly aren't turning back to their original deep red color either. They have split off several babies and they are faded too.

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