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Sigh... DI Only?


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Mkay.... I'm asking about using DI only water for a large frag prop system. Calfo and some others say only to use DI water. My local information comes from 2 sources, my best friend, a water treatment plant shift manager and a on-site supplier (chemist) consultant from DuPont is a reef keeper. The reefer at work says our city water is pretty dang clean and he only uses DI in his tank, my best buddy says our water is soft and 63ppm TDS. I work in paint quality control at Hyundai's Alabama factory, I can't remember how much RO/DI water we produce every week for our plant, I know our managers and engineers scream (budget meetings) at the Koreans about not needing to RO process our water but they can't get Korea management to sign off on it.


Basically it boils down to this (pun intended) given that my tap water is 63ppm TDS, is soft and super low metal, nitrate and phosphate content, is it necessary to RO process the water on a 600g system.

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I figure what does it hurt? Not like it's that expensive. We have tap water of 30-35 TDS here in Colorado and I still run it through RO/DI, my filters just last a long time! ;)

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Just a question, can a DI filter accept the pressure from the tap?


But an RO will extend the DI a bit and with that low of TDS the filters will last almost forever compared to most people's.

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Well my main concern is the waste water, if I have to burn 1200 gallons of water to get 600g of RO/DI that doesn't make much economic sense.


I've seen some kati/ani filter setups that can handle tap pressure, I'd be running carbon in front of the DI filters to catch a bit of the nasties.

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