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Awesome Harlequin Vid.


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They never have interacted like that. They usually stick to the back of the rock structure and nobody even knows they are in there. He was stretching his legs tofay though. Funny.

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so your female coworker as playing with your shrimp during work hours? i think this thread belongs in the OT section hahahaha.



that is a pretty cool vid though, now you have to have her watch it while it eats a starfish

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Dude, they destroyed a baby linkia in less than a week. I was sort of bummed. The linkia was so cool. Once they found him, they didnt stop eating him for a week straight. Oh well, such is life. I'll be spending $40 a month just to feed these beasts.


Wait. The tank is on my desk at work, LOL. I just got it.

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