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BC29 with 20 LED's PAR numbers question


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I just gutted my BC29 hood and installed 11 XR-E RB's (750mA) and 10 XP-G's (driven at 1000mA).


At dead center on the sandbed, I am getting a PAR reading around 190. That seems low to me. I took these readings at full blast.


I figured the XP-G's would hit much higher numbers. What is everyone else getting at the sandbed? I'd like to be around 350 to 400 at the sandbed (like my MH setup on the 180g).

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Now that I think about it, my LED spacing is kind of far apart. 3.5" apart. I could add 2 more XP-G's to the center row and 1 more XR-E RB somewhere.


I have 3 rows total.

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