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What heater should i get?


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I just bought a finnex 4 gal on ebay with out a filter or light so Im going to get a AC70 filter and I would like to put my heater inside. So does anyone have any suggestions on a heater for a 4g tank that will fit in a HOB filter? Seriously any help would be appreciated.




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Having it external means it will keep the tank at a lower temperature than if it's in the tank, and that if you loose flow to your HOB, you loose heat in your tank... it's not the safest option.


That said, I had a marineland stealth in mine for some time without any adverse affects. 25W may be enough, but I would consider 50. Just look at the specs for the heater you're considering and consider the length. If it's little too long, running the AC70 without a lid will make it fit.

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