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Awesome score, now what.


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I met a guy who was breaking down his tank and bought some stuff, small frags and all. He called me today and offered me a piece of ATL rainbow stylophora for free as it broke off his main colony and wanted to get rid of it. It was huge bigger than my hand, I had to break off a branch to get into the quart cup I brought to take it home.


I have a question on placement and flow from anyone who has experience with this coral. The previous owner had it under a 250 watt MH about 18 inches from the light. I have twin 150 watt HQI bulbs and was wondering on how far ot near it should be before I glue it down. Also should I consider high flow or low? Temporary shading or no?


Thanks anyone who responds.

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High flow for sure.


As for lighting, I'd start it off fairly high without permanently fixing it anywhere. That way you can move it until you find it's "happy place".

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