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Help with filter for sump


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I have recently set up a 10g tank with a 10g DIY sump. My sump has 3 chambers 1 with live rock, 1 with a skimmer, and the last has the return pump. Should i add some sort of charcoal filter or filter sock in my sump? At the moment i have a marineland penguin 100 attached to the side of the sump. But i dont think that can keep up with the water flowing through the sump. And if the powerfilter is enough should i remove the bio-wheel. I cant get a straight awnser out of anybody about the bio-wheel. Will the bio-wheel lead to high nitrates? Thank you very much in advance to any help.

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I'd toss the power filter (at least out of the sump) and def the boi-wheel. A filter sock would do you well for mechanical, and you can always hang the power filter on the side of the display for carbon if you don't want to put a filter bag full of carbon in your sump.



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I wouldnt mind just throwing a bag of carbon in the sump but how effective will that be?
It would be fine, if you can keep some flow through it. Power filters do this by forcing the water through it in an upward direction (to keep it from packing together). I would put carbon in between baffles where the water is traveling upward. Otherwise, a carbon reactor would be best.
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