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saddle back aggression


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Lookinga at stocking bc 29

wife loves saddleback clowns for black and yellow coloring(Saints fan)

anyone have exp with these fish?

Wondering about aggression with dottyback, sixline, golby/shrimp combo...

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they do get quite large (4-5") and they are fairly aggressive (more so than pink skunks, percs, and ocellaris, a bit less so than clarkiis, tomatoes and maroons). due to their size alone, however, I'd say a 29g STANDARD (not cube, cube inhibits swimming room/ room in general too much, IMO) would be the minimum for one, or a pair. in a tank that size, I wouldnt keep more than 1-2 other fish with them, and even then I'd aim for small, quick fish that stay out of their way.


in an appropriately sized tank, they could work with those tankmates, but not in a 29g cube, IMO.


you may also run into problems with the dottyback and sixline, I'm not completely sure, but I've heard of some horror stories, and I know my sixline has a few issues with my gramma (similarly shaped to dottybacks).


personally, I wouldnt do more than one more fish with that stocklist anyways; the biocube is pretty small, dimension-wise; there's about as much swimming room as in one as there is in a 20H. for a last for, maybe do a blenny, or do a mated pair of gobies instead of single one.

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My saddleback is pretty nasty, just added her (2") or so to my 135 fowlr, with a foxface, tang, dwarf angel, hawkfish and puffer, only one I've seen mess with her is my cherub, who's also really aggressive, but the tang had some injuries soon after the clown was added. Not overly attacking the other fish, but not backing down either. Probably not a good nano inhabitant, although in the past I had a maroon who did okay in a 33 gallon long with a gramma, sixline and dwarf angel.

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