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Fluval Nano internal filter?


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I'm kicking around the idea of using one of these instead of a Current Subcurrent in my 13.3 rimless tank. My main filtration is going to be good LR and circulation but I'd like something that I can put some Purigen and Chemi-Pure Elite in and not take up too much tank space. Also, because the tank is rimless I'm steering clear of a HOB (for now at least). Will the Fluval Nano hold enough Purigen and Chemi-Pure Elite to be worth it? It has a spray bar on it that I probably won't use but the outlet looks like it can give me some good/decent surface agitation. I'll also have at least one Koralia Nano 240 in there or maybe a MP10.


Thanks for any input.




Edit: Does anyone even know the GPH rating on this thing?

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