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Help Coraline Algae Turing White


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Just as it says huge chucks are turing white just test with API test kits




What is going on here Im freaking out. Any help would be greatly appreciated. By the way corals look good nothing looks bad really mostly SPS.

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has the rock been exposed to air? even if the rock is out for a few seconds, in a few days you can start to notice the coraline turning white. it takes about a week or two to color back up.

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when I do 100% water changes once or twice a week on a micro pico my rock and coralline is exposed for about 3 mins straight while I pick around the tank scraping green off the glass, repositioning etc... just as a counterpoint, I still have plague coralline. if exposure killed it I wouldn't be having to scrape it for 30 mins every couple months to keep from opaquing my tank.


I say dose more, get the levels up to 450/10 if nothing has changed that's what always keeps my coralline stark purple, when it bleaches, its telling me to up the doser amount slightly to keep up with the new calcification. Need full tank shots please, too hard to tell with only words.


also, get a second opinion test kit (have a friend test a sample). I would estimate 90% of the time two test kits show two different readings on any parameter, believe the lower measure since you are showing bleaching. get a third test to confirm (paying the LFS a couple bucks to test is a good start its what I do)


how do you dose the tank?


also, post up your pH readings in a two reading format, it changes slightly or greatly each morning cycle on any tank without a counterlit refugium. At 7 am yours could be dipping into 8.0 easily, what are the 7 am/7 pm readings on pH>

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I will try and get a pic when the lights come on. I have been dosing alk because the tests keep reading low and I have alot of sps so I figured it kind of makes sense and I am only dosing a small amount of powder each day.

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not that your dosing system is off, it did grow the coralline, but sustaining it became the problem and I always found two part matched dosers to be easy compared to patchwork dosing w different brands.


I have recommended C Balance two part doser to at least 200 people over the years and 100% of the time it causes coralline growth within 3 months on any size tank, it never bleached back out. C Balance is the best coralline supporter Ive ever seen. lets see those am/pm test readings and go from there maybe it will jar an idea from someone as they read the thread we'll get it fixed eventually.

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I tired to take a pic but with the leds I cant bring out the true white color that I am seeing. I dont konw what to do think I might go test again.

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