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How should I affix my corals under water?


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superglue gel.


it does great underwater you just have to puncture the outer layer so it will then bond with the frag.

Until one of your peppermint shrimp decides the uncured superglue would make a tasty snack and glues his claw to his mouth... That happened to me a last week. He eventually molted and is now in hiding.


Keep and eye on it until the superglue is cured.

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From the Library at the top of the forum:




Quick summary:


1. Acquire cup of tank water

2. Acquire frag

3. Apply a few bits of glue to the frag

4. Dip in water to form skin on glue

5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 until you have a good little thing goin on there

6. Stick frag to rock


Using putty makes it even better, but you can get away with just glue.

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