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Disaster strikes


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Today was an exciting day or atleast part of it was. I went out of town to pick up a bucket of salt since I was out. Did a few other things I needed to do. Stopped on the way back to the house to get some Chinese food. I especially love the "hu flung poo". I make it home and upon opening the front door, I drop my load... my loaded hands.


I instantly heard the sound I dreaded most. The sound of water pouring onto to the floor. I knew at that moment exactly what the problem was. The mexican turbo snail that I had placed in my HOB refugium to clean up the massive algae problem had tried making it across the border and got stuck in the return pipe causing the refugium to overflow.


As bad as this sounds and as bad as it was, I think I actually had more luck than all the Irish on my side. 250 gph flowing through the refugium and I made it in to grab the snail before loosing 2 gallons. Turbo snails are no longer allowed in my fuge.

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